Why Spice Manufacturers From India Ask You To Refrigerate Spices

If your kitchen is running out of space and you cannot organize your spices on the racks, then don’t worry. Spices manufacturers from India bring perfect solution to store your spices and keep them fresh and hygienic for longer time. You can take a magnetic spice rack for the fridge and store your spices and herbs without losing the freshness. This DIY involves zero skills and you don’t need to be crafty at all to perform it.



You just need to collect some small air tight containers, self adhesive magnets, adhesive labels and a pen/ marker. It hardly matters if the containers are made of plastic or metal, you can easily get them from any grocery store or supermarket or even at craft store. For labeling, you can use clear office tape that you can write on.

Once you gather all the containers, start peeling off the sticker of the magnets and stick one on the bottom of every container. Store your herbs and spices into these containers and label the lids. After this, you can line them up on your refrigerator door. We would suggest you to organize the containers alphabetically so that you can easily find them.

Why it is important to keep your spices and herbs in airtight jars or containers?

Spices and herbs have special aromatic and essential oils that need to be protected and sealed. This is why spices manufacturers and exporters in India suggest consumers keeping their spices in airtight jars or at least seal them to avoid contacting with air and moisture. Humidity will degrade its quality and allow germs to grow within. So, it is better to seal the pack after using the spices to keep them fresh and free from germs.

You can anytime call or visit online store of manufacturers offering entire spices collection across the world. There are some suppliers that are delivering their products to foreign clients. These international brands are known for their quality products. Hence, you can consider them and avail the best in taste spices at feasible rates.


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