Main Reason To Import Tamarind From Indian Exporters

If India is a hub for authentic spices, then Indian tamarind exporters should be considered as major source of getting best quality tamarind across the world. Tamarind is a sweet and sour fruit that is used in preparing many dishes and chutneys. You can get major health benefits from this tasty fruit, such as-


God digestive system

Imli or tamarind is a tangy and sweet fruit that possesses medicinal properties and is used in many medicines as a laxative agent. It treats intestinal worms in children. Apart from this, tamarind extracts are also used to prepare digestive chutneys and pills to restore healthy digestive system. Tamarind pulp is rich in dietary fiber that helps in treating constipation problem and augmenting bowel movement.

Prevention against colon cancer

Tartaric acid present in tamarind works as a powerful antioxidant that protects body from harmful free radicals. Tamarind fiber content protects mucal membrane of the colon against cancer-causing chemicals by binding with the toxins.

Balances blood cholesterol

Tamarind pulp is effective in reducing high blood cholesterol levels and protects the human body from major heart ailments. This is why many suppliers and exporters recommend using tamarind regularly to enhance heart health and prevent cardiac complications.

Enhances eye health

Tamarind fruit is loaded with vitamin A that helps in enhancing eye health and also lowers the risk of macular degeneration. It also has a chemical that functions like mucin to protect and treat dry eyes.

Protects you from infection

Tamarind is also beneficial in fighting against wide range of infections, including scurvy, fluorosis, and common cold. It also makes your immunity stronger and can be further used to treat fever.

Soften skin

Antioxidants present in tamarind help fight against harmful free radicals that damage skin and form wrinkles. You can also used tamarind paste to treat minor burns as human skin can recover soon from skin-related infections and make skin soft and glowing.

Contact Indian tamarind exporters to get the best premium quality range of tamarind products. You can think about ordering online as many e-stores are also available that sell tamarind in bulk across the world.


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