Indian Turmeric Is Super Healthy Choice

You won’t find any other country offering so many culinary varieties; be it spices, cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc. Turmeric is the taste of India as you cannot find any Indian recipe without turmeric. Over the years, this natural anti-inflammatory spice has evolved as one of the most sought after export items from India owing to its premium quality and strong network of the exporters of Indian turmeric in India. Here we got a few valid points that explain why turmeric is super healthy choice for people. Let’s read them thoroughly.



1. Rich history and heritage

The name of organic turmeric is mentioned in some of the ancient Vedic literature that is written back in 2000 BC. The spice was initially introduced by Marco Polo officially when he was traveling to China. So, with this information, we can conclude that Turmeric made its way to India via Silk Route.


2. Mesmerizing variety

You can find 16 different varieties of Turmeric in India. Every variety is different from other in terms of aura, appearance, medicinal and culinary properties. There is no other country or city in the world that can offer such a diverse variety of turmeric. Some of the popular grades are- Madras turmeric, Erode and Salem turmeric from Tamil Nadu, Rajapuro and Sangli from Maharashtra, Cuddapah turmeric from Andhra Pradesh, etc.


3. Medicinal properties and nutrition

  • Curcumin compound present in turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants.
  • Curcumin helps in reducing heart diseases
  • Curcumin also prevents cancer
  • Turmeric offers blemish free and acne free skin

Turmeric is a good source of carbohydrate, energy, vitamins, minerals, and protien.


4. Culinary delight

Acceptance for Indian cuisine has grown and most cities of the world are today running restaurants serving Indian varieties. From kababs, soups, sambhar, to paneer delicacies, turmeric is a vital ingredient amongst all. The spice is not just accepted in India, but also other countries including Pakistan, England, Morocco, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

These all valid key notes are enough to explain why turmeric in India and other countries considered as a healthy choice. You can even plan to source premium quality from Indian spices exporters in case you live in abroad. You can ask them which varieties they are offering and make a choice accordingly.