Indian Spices Exporters Listing Top Spices That Bless Your Stomach

Too much of spicy food may cause acidity in your stomach and lead to indigestion. But Indian spices exporters think that using right spices in the cuisines will treat digestive issues like acidity, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, etc. This story is about such spices that bless your stomach and help you in getting healthy life.



Cumin seeds- Traditionally known as Jeera, cumin seeds are loaded with fiber. These are natural laxative that you can roast and grind to make a fine powder. You can take a teaspoon of roasted cumin seeds powder, add water or honey and prepare a paste and eat it on empty stomach. All your problems related to stomach will be solved.

Carom seeds – Traditionally known as ajwain, carom seeds are great for indigestion. They contain thymol that releases gastric juices and treats indigestion. You can add a teaspoon of carom seeds to a cup of water and boil it until the level reaches to half. Strain and drink the water to treat upset stomach.

Ginger- Traditionally known as adrak, ginger helps in treating flatulence. You can shred ginger and extract juice and take a teaspoon of it and drink it. You may find the taste bit stronger, yet it’s a superb natural way to make your stomach healthy.

Cardamom – Traditionally known as elaichi, cardamom is a natural mouth freshener. Cardamom has essential oils that help in stimulating salivary glands, and also enhance your appetite and reduce acidity.

Cinnamon- Traditionally known as daalchini, cinnamon do wonders for your stomach. It treats infection, flushes out bile salts and reduces inflammation and stomach ulcers. When you take a freshly brewed cinnamon tea infused with mint leaves twice a day, you will stay protected against stomach infection.

These spices are available at every store. Indian spices exporters supplying the entire range of spices to rest of the world. Indian spices are popular across the world and this is the reason why majority of consumers source them from Indian suppliers only.

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Spices are the blessings to us from nature. It’s not today; spices are being used for treating various body ailments by human since long time. In this story, spices exporters from India will talk about top spices that not only contain intense flavor, but also possess major health benefits.