Indian Spices Are Extending The Life Of People- Exporter’s Study Explains

Your love for chilli pepper will bring you a longer life ahead- this what Indian spices exporters are saying. There are major beneficial effects of spicy foods- the reason is their active components, such as capsaicin found in Indian chilli powder helps in lowering inflammation, enhancing status of metabolism, do well on gut bacteria and weight. This bioactive ingredient in chili peppers burn extra fat of human body. Moreover, capsaicin has power to combat infection and stimulate kidneys, heart, and lungs.


The sensation of chili is not just warm- it rather hurts the eater. And there is no obvious biological reason why we all should tolerate it. There are ways to handle the spicy food. You can really enjoy eating spices if you start following these tips. Let’s read them-

1. Understand what is spicy and what is not

If you truly want to experience spiciness of spicy food, you should know what goes on. People live with a misconception that spiciness is actual heat. If you also think the same, then you are wrong! It is rather an irritation. Capsaicin causes spiciness or a burning irritation in the food. Some people use peppers to defend themselves from mammals as this is the only species that feel the heat of chilli.

2. Find out your heat tolerating level

You can start with a mild sauce or pepper and determine the level of heat you can handle. You can consider poblano pepper to do this as it is very mild among other peppers.

3. Add more spicy foods to your routine diet plan

In case you don’t eat spicy food often or on daily basis, you should start it now. You can splash some hot sauce on foods you can think of. Store chopped or peppers in a jar or better start growing them at your home. When you include spiciness in your regular meals, you will get used to it. Once you adapt the taste of spicy food, you can think of making it spicier too.

4. Always push your limits

You must keep a track of Scoville rating to break your last record. Scoville is a heat unit in which spiciness of a chili measured. However, don’t exceed the limit as we don’t want you to hurt yourself.

5. Easy your pain

Once you eat all spicy food, easy your pain. Usually people eat sugar or drink water when they eat excess of spicy food. Well, Indian spices food exporters suggest drinking milk as it has casein that possesses great ability to disengage the capsaicin from your mouth.

Follow these tips and a day will come when you say yes to spicy food.

Author bio- This article is published by Sandeep, working as Quality tester in Asian Foods Industries. He loves to find new studies based on Indian spices. To read such interesting articles about Indian spices, follow this blog and subscribe today.