Fennel Seeds or Saunf as a Medicine to Balance Vata and Pitta

Fennel belongs to carrot family that has several medicinal uses. It is a flowering plant that blooms yellow flowers and has feathery leaves. In ayurveda, fennel has its own recognition to balance vata and pitta dosha. In this article, Indian fennel seeds exporters will not talk about its regular use but major health benefits that keep human body healthy. How this herb can help you in improving appetite and digestion, read further to know.


You must have noticed when you eat heavy meal or oil food; it makes you feel lazy and full for whole day. It is because oily food makes the digestion sluggish and you feel heaviness and bloating in stomach. By chewing fennel seeds, you can combat these conditions and get relief. Excessive spices, oily food, and traveling may cause vomiting and nausea.

When you chew saunf, the seeds prevent nausea, motion sickness, and vomiting. If you often puke on the way while traveling in the car, you must keep a small bottle of fennel seeds to avoid vomiting.

Fennel seeds are a successful solution to stomach pain and colic. During diarrhea and dysentery, saunf helps normalize digestion. You can boil a glass of water and add 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds for 3 minutes. Let it comes to warm temperature and then drink. This drink is helpful in treating colic.

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If you often suffer from constipation, piles or haemorrhoids, you must prepare and drink warm fennel tea. It will help in easy evacuation of bowel. Women who suffer from menstrual cramps can also eat fennel seeds to get instant relief from abdominal pain.
Fennel seeds are best herbs that boost metabolism, make digestion better, enhance urine output, enhance sweating and reduce cholesterol. You can even get aid in weight loss with fennel seeds. Most ayurvedic medicines made for weight management are prepared from fennel herb.

Other uncommon health benefits of fennel-

  • Boost memory power
  • Soothe cough 
  • Treat common cold 
  • Boost body energy 
  • Enhance libido 
  • Increase breast milk flow among lactating mothers 
  • Effective eye wash can be prepared using fennel seeds concoction that enhance eyesight 
  • Helpful in bladder infections such as cystitis 
  • Reduce all kinds of discomfort and pain related to stomach

Indian fennel seeds exporters have just shared a comprehensive list of health benefits provided by fennel. You should not just use these herbal seeds as a mouth freshener after meal, but can also get aid in all types of discomfort and pain related to stomach.