Fennel Seeds or Saunf as a Medicine to Balance Vata and Pitta

Fennel belongs to carrot family that has several medicinal uses. It is a flowering plant that blooms yellow flowers and has feathery leaves. In ayurveda, fennel has its own recognition to balance vata and pitta dosha. In this article, Indian fennel seeds exporters will not talk about its regular use but major health benefits that keep human body healthy. How this herb can help you in improving appetite and digestion, read further to know.


You must have noticed when you eat heavy meal or oil food; it makes you feel lazy and full for whole day. It is because oily food makes the digestion sluggish and you feel heaviness and bloating in stomach. By chewing fennel seeds, you can combat these conditions and get relief. Excessive spices, oily food, and traveling may cause vomiting and nausea.

When you chew saunf, the seeds prevent nausea, motion sickness, and vomiting. If you often puke on the way while traveling in the car, you must keep a small bottle of fennel seeds to avoid vomiting.

Fennel seeds are a successful solution to stomach pain and colic. During diarrhea and dysentery, saunf helps normalize digestion. You can boil a glass of water and add 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds for 3 minutes. Let it comes to warm temperature and then drink. This drink is helpful in treating colic.

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If you often suffer from constipation, piles or haemorrhoids, you must prepare and drink warm fennel tea. It will help in easy evacuation of bowel. Women who suffer from menstrual cramps can also eat fennel seeds to get instant relief from abdominal pain.
Fennel seeds are best herbs that boost metabolism, make digestion better, enhance urine output, enhance sweating and reduce cholesterol. You can even get aid in weight loss with fennel seeds. Most ayurvedic medicines made for weight management are prepared from fennel herb.

Other uncommon health benefits of fennel-

  • Boost memory power
  • Soothe cough 
  • Treat common cold 
  • Boost body energy 
  • Enhance libido 
  • Increase breast milk flow among lactating mothers 
  • Effective eye wash can be prepared using fennel seeds concoction that enhance eyesight 
  • Helpful in bladder infections such as cystitis 
  • Reduce all kinds of discomfort and pain related to stomach

Indian fennel seeds exporters have just shared a comprehensive list of health benefits provided by fennel. You should not just use these herbal seeds as a mouth freshener after meal, but can also get aid in all types of discomfort and pain related to stomach.

Turmeric – The Best Bet To Reduce Liver Fat Naturally

We use a yellow color herb in curry, namely Turmeric. Apart from anti-inflammatory properties, do you know that turmeric is also beneficial for liver? Turmeric powder exporters explain why turmeric is the best herb and how it gives you a healthy life.


Turmeric helps protect your liver from excessive stress and fat. This yellow color spice is commonly used in India and Asian countries for cooking cuisines. The herb has been touted as a natural remedy for several distinct types of health ailments, but those who are dealing with excessive stress and fatty liver can get most of the benefits by consuming turmeric milk before bed.


Turmeric is one of the healthiest spices found in the world. It is obtained through boiling and drying the rhizomes and roots of the curcuma longa plant. Curcumin is an active compound that provides turmeric health-promoting properties. Turmeric has 95% curcumin, which is the maximum content available.

How it helps treat fatty liver?

Almost one-third of American adults are suffering from fatty liver disease. It is a condition where excessive fat builds up in the liver cells. But when liver turns fatty? When fat cells make up 5-10% of the total weight of the liver, it is assumed to be a fatty liver.

There are lots of factors that contribute to fatty liver disease, but alcohol abuse, diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, and high blood cholesterol are the risk raisers. During earliest stage, fatty liver disease is reversible by making changes to diet and exercise. For supplement, turmeric herb can be used as extra support.

Fig – Telling Impact of Turmeric on the Liver  

  • The molecules that promote liver damage and fibrosis are bilirubin, transpeptidase, aspartate aminotransferase and transforming growth factors. 
  • Apoptosis is the programmed cell death present in the liver stellate cells. 
  • Glutathione is a compound that helps combat reactive oxygen species in the tissues and stops them from causing any damage.

Your mind and body are entwined and stress can bring physiological changes that impact the liver health. Stress also impairs blood flow to the liver and so, any person with a fatty liver is prone to liver damage risk if dealing with stress.

People who are already suffering with fatty liver disease require solutions to aid in liver damage and recover. Turmeric as a supplement can help them move towards a healthier and happier liver with zero side effects.

If you liked this post and suffer from an unhealthy liver, consider all the points shared by turmeric powder exporters and share with your people on social media.

Peanuts Rank High Among Super Food In Pregnancy

Eating nuts in pregnancy can be beneficial for the expecting mother and her fetus. Children could have a lower risk of developing an allergy if their mothers consume more nuts during pregnancy; a study by peanuts exporters India claims. The study adds that eating nuts in pregnancy has no damaging effect on the unborn child.

Peanut allergies are genetic. If anyone in your family is allergic to peanuts, you must drop the idea of munching on peanuts in your pregnancy. But if there is nobody in your family who is allergic to peanuts, you must include these nuts in your diet. There are numerous benefits of eating peanuts in the pregnancy. Peanuts are packed with multiple nutrients.


We bring some reasons to include these nuts in your routine diet if you are pregnant-

  • Reduces risk of heart disease

70% of the urban Indian population is at great risk of heart disease. It is due to their sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and stressful living. Peanuts are great source of monosaturated fats and oleic acid that makes it good for your heart. A cup of peanuts every day will keep the heart disease at bay.

  • Prevents cancer

Peanuts contain high concentration of beta-sisterol, a type of phytosterol which inhibits tumor growth. It is also found that consumption of peanuts lower the risk of colon cancer.

  • Boosts memory

Vitamin B3 and niacin present in peanuts can help you in achieving boost in memory. Additionally, a flavonoid – reservatol can assist in enhancing blood flow to the brain by 30%.

Get Benefits From Peannuts Food For Your Regular Diet

  • Helps fight depression

Depression occurs due to limited secretion of serotonin in the brain. Peanuts have tryptophan which help release serotonin assisting you fight depression.

  • Nutritious snacks to munch in pregnancy

Expecting mothers are often confused about the food they should eat in pregnancy. Peanuts are perfect snacks packed with nutrition.

  • Eliminates toxins

Peanuts are loaded with fiber that helps in eliminating excessive toxins from your body. This makes your skin glowing. Toxins are responsible for breakouts, oily skin. Moreover, vitamin C and vitamin E in peanuts prevent wrinkles and early ageing symptoms.

So next time if you are told by Indian Peanuts exporters that their products are safe for pregnant woman, believe them. You can get a super-saving pack of peanuts from exporters at low price and avail the nutrition supplied by peanuts.

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Peanuts Are Nutritious And Healthy For All Ages!

Peanut butter companies are using peanuts processors to produce butter and roasted snack from peanuts. Peanuts are widely used as seed oil in India. As these are obtained from ground, they are having second name – groundnuts. Groundnuts are known by different names in India- Mungfali, Pallelu, Kadalai, Singdana, Shengdaane are a fewer names used for peanuts.

Groundnuts are also taken as snacks in Indian homes. Peanuts are actually legumes yet they have all properties of nuts like cashew, almonds, etc.


  • Source of energy

Peanuts have vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants and so these are best source of energy.

  • Lower bad cholesterol

Peanuts help in lowering bad cholesterol and increases level of good cholesterol in body. Peanuts have mono-unsaturated fatty acids that helps prevent coronary diseases.

  • Rich source of protein

Peanuts are cheaper source of protein. The amino acids present in the peanuts are good for proper growth and development of human body.

  • Fights stomach cancer

Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants are there in the peanuts in abundance. P-Coumaric acid helps in reducing the risk of stomach cancer by reducing the carcinogenic nitrous-amines production.

  • Lowers the stroke risk

The resveratrol is an anti-oxidant present in peanuts helps prevent heart strokes by raising the nitric oxide production.

  • Anti-oxidants

Peanuts have anti-oxidants in huge amount and these antioxidants become more active when you boil the peanuts.

  • Protects skin

Peanuts have vitamin E that maintains the mucous membrane cells integrity and the skin. This protects the skin from free radicals that cause more damage.

  • Vitamins

Peanuts or groundnuts have B complex, vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, etc.

  • Minerals

Peanuts are also rich source of minerals, including potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. These minerals are integral and responsible for distinct body functions.

  • Good dietary food

You just have to eat one ounce of peanuts or peanut butter twice a week are to stay fit. Peanuts are great food and if you eat peanut butter every morning with bread, you will have lesser chances of gaining weight.

  • Helps in fertility

If peanuts are taken before and during early pregnancy, the folic acid sincerely lowers the risk of baby born with severe neutral tube defects by up to 75%.

So, bring peanuts processors for your home and make homemade peanut butter and stay fit. There is nothing to do with recipe. You can easily get it online and experiment.


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Everything comes direct from the kitchen is healthy! Freshly cooked and baked food is always better than the instant products. The same is with peanut butter that is prepared by several brand owners using distinct peanuts processors

Indian Fennel Seeds Exporters Tell Reasons To Eat Fennel Seeds

In India, people use to eat fennel seeds after having meal. Indian fennel seeds exporters promote their products among consumers in many ways. While promoting their products, they never forget that their motive is to provide good health and fennel seeds boost health. These seeds are rich source of minerals like iron, copper, calcium, manganese, potassium, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. People consume fennel seeds after meal to beat bad breath easily. But there are a lot more benefits of eating fennel seeds and we are going to discuss them now-


1. Combat bad breath

Essential oil of fennel seeds works as a mouth freshener. The aromatic oils of fennel seeds help get rid of bad breath and aids in increasing the saliva secretion in your mouth, which in turn washes away remaining food particles and boosts the digestion process. Fennel seeds have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the seeds that help get rid of microbes that cause the bad breath and soothe infected gums.

You may chew a spoonful of fennel seeds after a meal. If you are suffering from infected gums, you can boil fennel seeds in water and use it for gargling. This will treat your bad breath problem and make your mouth healthy and free from microbes.

2. Treat indigestion, bloating, and constipation

Fennel seeds are known for its carmative properties that help treat indigestion. The seeds start working right way when you chew them. Fennel seeds are rich source of fiber that treats constipation. The oil soothes bowel movement.

3. Relieves menstrual pain

Fennel seeds stimulate and regulate the blood flow in the pelvic and uterine area. As per the research, women who consumed fennel seeds extracts during their periods found great relief from menstrual cramps.

You can boil a tablespoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water. Strain the water when you notice change in color. Drink it warm if you want effective results.

4. Protects from anemia

Fennel seeds are packed with copper, iron, and histidine. These three minerals are critical for production and formation of red blood cells. When you consume fennel seeds, they increase the iron content in your body.

Indian fennel seeds exporters usually tell their clients about these benefits in the first visit. These products are so healthy for human body and people should include them in their day-to-day life.

Allergy Free Peanuts – How To Make It Possible?

Peanuts have essential health benefits but it may be allergic for few that is difficult to determine in initial stages. Few days, I ask my daughter to taste peanut butter and enjoy maximum nutritional benefits. After ten minutes of consumption, I noticed that my daughter was screaming and her faced turned to red due to peanut allergy.


My daughter was just one year old, SO we were not able to determine this allergy in beginning and even my daughter was not in condition to explain this fact. The only solution was to go through medical observations and need to identify about the problem. Finally epinephrine worked and my daughter was in healthy condition.

Peanut allergy is just frightening when compared to any other food allergy and it is highly difficult to cure. This allergy is unpredictable in initial stages but may be deadly later. Finally, there is no choice for patients instead of avoiding their favorite food item for life time. Now every time I have to explain people that my daughter is allergic to peanuts, so please don’t serve any food item that contains peanuts at all.

Why You Buy Peanut Butter When You Can Make It At Home?

We can find interesting updates on food allergies almost every day. I was excited to explore the story when I read out the headline “Allergy free peanuts”. Peanuts processors have recently discovered allergy free product that can be taken by patients even allergic to peanut food items. This is not an easy process to process allergy free peanuts but it takes lot of experience and skills. Scientists have identified genes that are susceptible to allergens and how it reacts when peanut is consumed by patient.

The process sounds really simple but it needs years of experience and knowledge. Finally, peanuts processors have concluded quality product that can be taken by almost every individual. The product will revolutionize the health market soon and its demand is also expected to increase in near future. This would be really interesting to explore such amazing product and how it will work for allergic patients. Stay in touch with us for similar interesting updates on peanut products.

How Do You Make Chili Powder?

Preparing chili powder at your home is simple job that gives you right flavor with the exact quality you desire. You just need to start from the scratch by drying the raw ingredients or buy them from market and blend at home. Indian chilli powder exporters are offering wide range of chillis. Things required to make chili powder at home:


Ingredients to make chili powder

#1.  3 ancho chili pepper, seeded, stemmed, and sliced

Ancho chilies are dried poblano pepper. The poblano is a mild chili pepper that becomes hotter when turns red. There is vast variation in hotness among poblano pepper. Just in case this variety of pepper is unavailable at your place, you can try a closely related variety like mulato. It is darker in color, softer in texture and sweeter in flavor.

#2. 3 cascabel chilies, stemmed, sliced, and seeded

Cascabel chilis are also known as little bell chili or rattle chili. It is Mexican peppers, whose loose seeds rattle or make sound inside the dried chili when shaken.

Exporters Breaking News On Chilli Powder Benefits

#3. 1 tablespoon dried coriander seeds

Make sure the seeds are dried.

  • 3 dried arbol chilies, stemmed, seeded, and sliced
  • 2 tabespoon cumin seeds, garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon chipotle pepper

#4. Preparation method

Step 1 Drying the pepper

If you don’t want stronger flavor, you can remove stems and seeds from all the chilies. Put the stemmed and seeded chilies in a single layer of baking sheet and bake it for 4 or 5 minutes. Remove the pan and check if they are dried. If you don’t wish to dry the pepper at home, you can even purchase it from the market.

Step 2 Toasting

Put all the dried chilies and the cumin seeds into nonstick pan and heat them over medium flame. Stir continuously, so that the spices won’t get burn. When you begin to smell the cumin toasting, you can remove the pan from heat. This will take your 4-5 minutes. Let it cool.

Step 3 Blending

Once cool, put the dried chilies, cumin seeds and coriander seeds into blender along with garlic powder and oregano. Grind them into fine powder. Do not open the jar until the powder settles. You can store this powder in an airtight jar. This can last up to 6 months. If you store the spice blend into freezer, it will lengthen the shelf life of the spice.

So, in this way, you can make your chili powder at home. Have something to say? Share in comments.